Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sweet Streets: Art Inspired by Japanese Fashion

The beloved Gallery Nucleus featured Sweet Streets: Art Inspired by Japanese Fashion recently. The pieces were candy-colored delights! Everyone from Junko Mizuno to Yumiko Kayukawa had pieces. I wish I could have been there. Oh and many of the pieces or prints are still for sale! Click here for the entire gallery.


Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Those are so creative and interesting. I love that doll second from the top. :-)

さらまり said...

That's a very interesting collection of works^^

ROLE. said...

wow. tehy look all so great,. i like the most number 1 and 4.

LeahRuth said...

Have you featured this person yet?
As soon as I saw her shop I thought of your blog

Marine G. said...

I linked your banner on my blog ^^

Qu♥ said...

Yumiko Kayukawa is inspired by nature

Skye said...

Amazing ♥
I love the first one!
& the doll :D

PetSugar said...

Sakie and Thomas Gantz - oh my gosh I think all art exhibits should have plushies!

Sara mari - definitely a wide range of inspiration.

ROLE - ahhh i love number 4 so much!

LeahRuth - No i haven't and thank you so much for showing me! I've never seen that shop! I'll have to remember to feature her! Its such an unusual shop with so many things I love! Thank you again!

Marine G - I left you a comment because I didn't know if you had a link icon i could use. I love your blog.

Qu♥ - you know its interesting you say that because that image really didn't seem as inspired by fashion as the rest. i agree, nature.

Skye - the doll kills me its so cute!

Yoshi said...

My favourite is the doll, too beautiful !

PetSugar said...

Yoshi - its such a cute surprise to an art exhibit!

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