Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Syrup - Clothing Like Happiness Sprinkled with Gum Drops

Syrup is the Japanese clothing brand that excites me more than dulce de leche drizzled on churros. Yes those babies exist somewhere... I saw a picture... once. Anyway, every item is laced with the prettiest additions of girliness EVER. Where do I buy this stuff! Its painful! (Thank you Moko Moko Love!)

Strapya World for Kawaii Cell Phone Charms & Deco Dreams


ピルーピル said...

This clothing is like joy indeed! Super sweet and girly and fun ^^

And about the churros... They DO exist, I eat them quite often in winter. Awesome stuff!


hkittygirl said...

So cute~! That churro sounds pretty intense.

Vermillion said...

Thanks for linking this store! They have really cute items (though a bit pricey ><).

Chickything said...

oh this is awesome!

Risu Kim said...

woah! the setup for those pictures remind me of scrap books drowed in much worthy cuteness. :)

LeahRuth said...

It's like those "I Spy" books, except PAINFULLY adorable.

PetSugar said...

ピルーピル - oh wow... do you make them or buy them!!??

hkittygirl - ahhh it issssssss

Vermillion - oh gosh i was too scared to use my conversion gadgetttt

Chickything - happy you like it :)

Risu Kim - wow I couldn't put it any better!

LeahRuth - OMG so true!!!!!!!!!!!

ピルーピル said...

I buy them ^^ I'm too lazy to make them xD
There are some that ere covered in chocolate that are just like heaven ♥ lol

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