Monday, July 26, 2010

These Ice Cream Pops Will Never Leave You Melting


Bakerella's Ice Cream Pops aren't exactly what the name suggests. They are essentially cupcakes in a cone but... well you see the picture! Click for recipe!

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Sasa said...

this is just the best recipe ever!

And I'm so hungry now...

hkittygirl said...

Those are so cool! I want to try making them now!

Claire said...

i love this. it is just beyond cute and looks soo delicious

Sensible Obsessions said...

Whoa! I've never seen cupcake cones with such details~♥

Chickything said...

I saw these things too! And I was in awe! bakerella is a genius!

PetSugar said...

Sasa - I'm sorry to make you hungry!

hkittygirl - i hope you try and post pictures :)

Claire - wow you might like them as much as i do! which is a lottttt.

Sensible Obsessions - aren't they incredible? how do people think of these things!?

Chickything - I'm in aweeeeee of bakerelllllaaaa!

The Candy Sanctuary said...

Wow, they are amazing! I would love to make those for myself and my friends.

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