Sunday, August 22, 2010

Care Bears Earphones to the Rescue!

Care Bears Earphones to the rescue!! The entire Care Bear form in your ear inevitably singing songs of caring. Life just got so much better. Click to buy!


Kim-Anh Nguyen Art said...

i need them! it's to die for! <3

Léria said...

hi beautiful! :)
attending to your blog for a while and I love your posts! are always beautiful! And these phones are beautiful! *---*

come to invite you to pop in my bloginho!
is new but already I am finishing organizing it! = D

You are already linked it *--*

Thank you for attention! kisses! <3

Dreams That Glitter said...

Oh my! It simply doesn't get any cuter than this!


PetSugar said...

Kim-Anh Nguyen - Oh my gosh care bears really get to me toooo.

Leria - Wow thank you! I promise to link your blog as soon as I get home tonight! You are so sweet.

Dreams That Glitter - lol agreed. I dare someone to try finding cuter.

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