Monday, August 9, 2010

Heartbeats Stackable Rings for Every Cute Pump Your Heart Makes!

These Matina Amanita Heartbeats rings (yes real diamonds and gold) are my new favorite thing. I love the idea of emulating the pumping of the heart with different rings in different styles! Click any image to shop!

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christyne j said...

OMG!! MUST HAVE! Once I become uber rich (haha) I will own these!! And own enough to give them to all the girls I love!! 0.o

All jewlery should be this cute<3

Sensible Obsessions said...

Cute idea♥

My heart beat would be moving awfully slow (since it would take me a while to buy the next ring/heartbeat)XD

I added up the total ~ It would take a while to get the entire set that said the grand total is less then I thought it be which is nice.

I'm rambling ( - _ -') so I'll stop now!

Sethrielle (P. P.) said...

I've been missing so much!

and oemgee this are GORGEOUS! ♥

PetSugar said...

christyne j - wow that is so sweet! i feel terrible only imagining myself lol.

Sensible Obsession - lolll "my heart beat would be moving awfully slow"

Sethrielle - lol you haven't been reading!?! oh no! :) its okay luckily its all in archives

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