Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Sweet Lolita Giveaway By Pinkarol and Drop Dead Cute!! WINNERS ARE BULLETPROOFHEART AND CRISTINA

First Prize: Any TWO Drop Dead Cute Shop (combined value of $45 USD or less) items of your choice (all items are customizable!) AND the above matching bracelet from Kawaii Factory!

Second Prize: Your choice of $10 USD worth of Drop Dead Cute Shop items (all items are customizable!)

Rules For Pinkarol and Drop Dead Cute Giveaway! OPEN WORLDWIDE
1. Link this Giveaway (You can use below image and code) on your Blog, Facebook, Myspace or Twitter (Each link counts as a separate entry!)

2. Let me know in a comment on this post the html to all places you've linked the giveaway.

3. Make sure to put your email address in the comment.

4. I will pick two winners using at 9pm EST on 10/20/2010

5. The winners will then be emailed immediately and must reply within 3 days with a shipping address and chosen Drop Dead Cute items (and any customizations, size etc...)!

6. If winners do not reply with the above info in 3 days another person will be picked with and so on...

Good Luck Drop Dead Cuties!

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Angel said...

I posted a link via twitter!

Rena said...

i've posted the html on my blog sidebar here


<33 rena

Sensible Obsessions said...

I love that artwork♥



Linked in Side Bar:

Since I don't have a myspace and my FB is private is it okay to use my Tumblr and Livejournal instead?

If so here are the links:



(P.S. I love your sushi bloglovin graphic)→

christyne j said...

Linking to my personal Facebook, my shop Facebook, my Myspace, my Deviantart page, and my twitter :)

My email address is

Yay!! :D

ピルーピル said...

I posted it in my twitter too

I'm so excited with this! I love your blog and I love Pinkarol works in Deviantart! ♥

my email is


SaffronSugar said...

Hi! I posted about this here:

and here:

My email is

Kei said...

Hi! I posted about the contest here:

and my email is

MARINE said...

Hi sweetie! ^^

Posted on the sidebar

hkittygirl said...

This giveaway looks super cute! The prizes are absolutely lovely!

hkittygirl said...

Sorry I forgot my email! >.<

mizztoxicdoll said...

adorable giveaway!! :3


Risu Kim said...

Facebook Note:!/note.php?note_id=156069527756172

Myspace About:




I hope I win!! >W<

Friedia said...

Hi!Just wanted to say that I JUSt saw your comment onmy blog fro long ago! Sorry I have not replied. I am so bad at checking those things. YES, that is me.AND YES, I follow your blog! I love how kawaii it is.
Thank you for posting my youtube video on there as well:)
Please keep in touch!


ashu said...

I posted it on my tumblr here
my email is

PetSugar said...

Yay Good Luck Everybody! What I really love about giveaways is seeing more faces of my readers!

Friedia - Thank you for replying! And thank you for your serious love of this blog :) You are wonderful.

Sydney said...


My mail:
Yo lo puse via facebook...y me costo @-@

Sydney said...

Ademas de facebook lo puse en tuenti:


Anonymous said...

Here is the link to my facebook!!/profile.php?id=821847515

E O S. said...

hi! I've pubblished the link on my facebook!/ehrdots

My email is:

H A Z E L ~ said...

I've posted on the right of my blog :D

My e-mail is:

Keira said...

I posted it on these site:!/profile.php?id=100001429444085

alba colomer said...

lo he subido en mi facebook:!/alba.colomermarch

Yasmin said...

<- i've pubblished the link on my Twitter Account.

my email:


♥Chii♥ said...

Hi! I posted the link both via Facebook and Twitter:!/profile.php?id=531250675&v=wall&story_fbid=152236984807962&ref=mf

Good luck everyone!

Bulletproofheart said...

I posted this on:

My facebook:
( )




and my blog:

My facebook & myspace are privates i think, but Pinkcarol can tell u i have post the link cos i have her as friend.

My email is:

Cristina said...

Lo he subido al facebook!!/profile.php?id=642274409

Cristina said...

Subido al Tuenti también


Waru-chan said...

Here is the link to my blog:

I hope it won't be late!


I´ve just read about the contest in Pinkarol´s blog and come to participate!!! ^^
So lovely prices ^^

Put the image in my blog

and my mail is

akumaxkami said...

What a cute blog you have here! I'll enter:

My Blogger: Les Fleurs Noires

VF Journal: AkumaXKami

Facebook Status Update: Here

Livejournal: akumaxkami

My email is

Dimitri said...

I made a post about it
And I've also made a permanent link on my left sidebar:

I tweeted it here:
And the Facebook entry on my blog fanpage is here:

Good luck to everyone!

My email is

Blanca Gomez said...

Published in my blogspot! --->

My e-mail:

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Sumiko Saito said...

Hi !, i have posted the link in my blog and twitter !

my email :

em-brown said...

Awww, that is so cute *___*

I posted it in my twitter:

And my facebook account! :3

I'll be crossing my fingers! <3

Georgina Barrett said...

Wow love it :)
I shared it loads of times...






I emailed the link to all my YouTube contacts, but I can't link you to that since it's on my profile...

Here's my email:

I hope I win ^^

alexxx said...






me emaill:

Sethrielle (P. P.) said...

After all this time, I just HAD to get involved!

so, I linked to...:



My blog of course:

and, my email, wich hopefully you will find of use in case I win =D ahahaha ♥: /or/

Btw, I have been a little busy but soon I'll be filling every post with a little sweet meringue paw mark just as I used to.

Hope you are just fine lovely girl!

Ester Durães said...

I wrote about it on Twitter (@EsterDuraes) :)

MaiLo said...

my blog (at the sidebar):

and my e-mail:

I'm soo happy!
I love your artwork <3

kisses and hugs!

MrMacPolloFrito said...

I've published it in my Facebook.

my email:

Thank you!

Pink Angel said...

Hi,Iìve posted the link via Facebook here:
My email:

♥ Cute Girl ♥ said...

Hello I have participated and promoted your contest on my blog at this address:


Vidi said...

I've posted the link in my blog!

Silvia said...

I post it on my facebook page:!/profile.php?id=100001036853417
I'm Silvia Trigila
Gook luck to me! :)

the little bukowski said...

linked it on my blog! i love the image!

Hawaii Kawaii said...

Count me in, tweet here:
kawaiigames [ a ] gmail . com

KelsiDoesHair said...

linked on twitter

email address =


iomoo said...

i hope i winnn i never win anything x_x

canihasit @

That_Girl said...

I linked your giveaway on my facebook profile here
I love your blog, it's so kawaii :)
My email is:
Thank you!

Irit said...

I tweeted about the giveaway:

iritca AT gmail com

Anonymous said...

I entered on my facebook account!

Helga Vanesa said...


I wrote a post about the giveaway on my blog:

my email:

Greetings from Argentina. =)

Branca de Neve said...

Hi from Spain!!

I announce the giveaway on my blog:

Thanks for the contest!

IchiGo/Harryo said...

Hello! ^^ It's so cute webpage, I like it! ^^
I posted my blogspot place:
My e-mail address:
Please enter me! ^^

Kitsuya Tenshi said...

I posted it in my blog and in my facebook:

And my e-mail is:

icitea said...

Here are my links! (side bar) (blog post)

I really hope I win first prize! Gotta have that shirt or mouse pad.. so pretty!

le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

Erica said...

I posed this to my facebook......

Yui said...

I linked the giveaway!

My email: amaiooji (at)


Meredith said...

I put it on my myspace:

my gaiaonlne account:

on my deviantart journal:

and on my facebook:

my e-mail is:

tailsoup said...

Hi~ I linked on my Myspace:





My E-Mail Address:

Thank you!

Prima said...

This is where I posted the link :*!/profile.php?id=1524864431

my email;

Charmaine said...

Email Address- CharmeexP@gmaildotcom


Places linked -




va said...

i posted here on my blog

tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

Laura said...

I posted it on my Tumblr :

and my e-mail is

wish me *luck*

OctoGang said...


Laura said...


Is on right!

^^ love it

natalie said...

So cute. <3

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