Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ai Yazawa's Paradise Kiss Becoming Real (Not Really)

My FAVORITE EVER MANGA (the anime was so dissapointing) is... PARADISE KISS by Ai Yazawa... or Parakiss for those of us kind of ashamed of the title. I'm certain many of you have heard of Nana, but Paradise Kiss is equally noteworthy. Anyhoo, the Ai Yazawa series is being made into a live action movie! I don't know how any human actors can do this series justice but I'll try to stomach whatever comes my way. *Yes I'm extremely irritated that none of them have accurate hair colors!

I'm still in shock that Ai Yazawa has stated she may never finish the Nana series due to her illness. That could easily be the most tormenting thing I've ever heard.


Mar said...

where are they pink or purple hair?! T__T
I don't see any charisma on those pics.
About Nana I agree, it's a sad new :_

さらまり said...

Are those the actors for the movie? I have to moan! They didn't even bother to dye any of their hair, and Miwako is so tall with an ugly outfit on...And Isabella looks so regular. I don't think a movie version of Paradise Kiss has to suck, but this doesn't look promising so far TT

PetSugar said...

mar and sara mari - I KNOW!!!!! They didn't even bother dying ANY hair whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least use wigs or something!

Yajaira said...

What happened to Isabella's and Miwako's hair at least they could have bleached out Arashi's, no?

I love love this manga, didn't hate the anime but this just breaks my heart!

akumaxkami said...

Ugh....those actors LOOK all wrong for the parts. Where's the super frilly Lolita? That little head bow does not count!

Bummer about Nana...I'd really like an ending to that.

Jocelan Thiessen said...

your blog is so cute i linked you!

ashu said...

FFFF MIWAKO NEEDS HER PINKU HAIR! 8| I don't care too much about anyone else, but she just doesn't seem like the same person without it. :'< not to mention her outfit is not right for Miwako either. :c I think they tried to make it more...accessible to the mainstream...make it more hip to teenagers or something maybe. :\

Yoshi said...

Oh ! Paradise kiss is one of my favorite anime.
I did'nt know about the drama, I'm so happy ! ^0^ but It's true that the color hair aren't the same, too bad :(

PetSugar said...

Yajaira - i know... its so dissapointing! i would even take high quality wigs!

akumaxkami - the fashion is looking very pathetic!!! that is going to be a huge downfall.

Jocelan - awww! how sweet! i will link you as well when i have a chance :)

ashu - i think you hit the nail on the head. its either that or they had a lowwww budget for wardrobe :(

Yoshi - yes we need to picket the making of this movie lol until the hair colors are accurate!

Vaik said...

Nooo! the pink hair!! ; A ; at first I didn't recognize her... ; 3 ;U it's a pity, but I'll watch the movie when it's done u _ u I love this manga <3

And I love your blog! I can stay hours looking your entries! all of them are so cute and interesting! :3

Dimitri said...

I really liked the ParaKiss anime. It wasn't that accurated but I think it was reformulated like a brand new piece of art itself.
Idk, I loved it :P
And the Nana manga thing....I'm so pissed off with Yazawa >_<

PetSugar said...

Vaik - awww! i do it all for you :))))) thank you for your lovely comment!

Dimitri - i feel kind of horrible having an opinion based on not having finished the anime series... yikes.. but i couldn't do it.. the anime was so painful! i'm equally upset at yazawa... i almost believe she didn't know how to complete it lol so she is using the illness to get out of it!

Anonymous said...

So many of these comments are very negative, maybe all live actions should be flushed down the toilet & never be attempted, there's no pleasing everyone!

I personally don't mind the hair color part, b/c I think the point of that is trying to make a movie with real people living real life situations, not a cartoon.

I say, as long as I can tell who is who, the acting is good, & they stick to the story line, then I'll satisfied.

Can't wait for the trailer to come out, thanks for sharing these pics!

PetSugar said...

Anonymous - Yes we were being so negative :( Me included (especiallyyy). You are right. It isn't fair for us to expect them to be so loyal to the manga when the liberties done in art don't translate perfectly to real life. You are 100% right and I'm happy you left this comment. Changed my perspective :)

Yoshi said...

I agree xD We want the true hair colors !

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