Saturday, October 23, 2010

Daria Immortalized in Gif Form

Daria goes down in history (along with My So-Called Life) as one of the greatest real-life (ironically animated) teen girl shows ever. If you've never seen Daria... then maybe I need to plan your next long weekend with a bowl of popcorn and all the Daria dvds laid out for you. A brilliant show that has inspired an awesome tumblr "Fyah Daria." Daria quotes have officially become the stuff of nostalgia... I miss you Daria and Jane!!!! Still wondering if I was Daria OR Jane in high school.


Sasa said...

Daria is like, on of the best things from my teens, really.
And after so many years since I last saw it, when I watch it again, since there was so many references and jokes I couldn't get back then, it'll be like a new series.

Saving Capulet said...

i love them 90's cartoons! I now feel like watching some Daria <3

Anonymous said...

I looooove Daria!!!

fluffyghost said...

I grew up watching this!
Still love it today ^____^.

Awesome post!

PetSugar said...

Sasa - iyieyie even though i understood a great deal of it.. the show was saturated with amazing dialogue! and yes! life experience has made it all the more wonderful :)

Saving Capulet - Then I did my job :)

Anonymous - lolll yayy!!!

fluffyghost - yay thank you :) daria makes everything awesome!

Cookie Cutter said...

OMG! I almost forgot about Daria until I read this post! Thanks for bringing back those memories!

I just returned from Japan and am nursing my withdrawl symptoms by checking out your blog :)

PetSugar said...

Cookie Cutter - oh gosh you are so welcome!! i'm thrilled my blog is actually able to cure one of the worst withdrawals ever lol.

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