Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Mistress of Smutty Storytelling - Kayono (ADULTS ONLY)

Girlsss... I'm really putting myself out there for this lol. Some of you may be offended and that's okay! It is still worth sharing! Kayono is the stuff girls will never admit they are made of. She is the hands down queen of smutty shoujo manga and her art is so fantastic, and storylines so brilliant that I'd be remiss not to share it with you. When I say she is brilliant I mean no woman seems to indulge us in all our shameful "born a secret princess," "hot bodyguard," "damsel in distress" fantasies etc etc... with more appeal! How a woman can draw so beautifully and find an art to those bashful indulgences... I'll never know. Be forwarned... there is SERIOUS sex in these. You can download her works here.


Sasa said...

Kayono is one of the sexiest-hetero mangakas out there *w*
I even translated (english to spanish) some of his mangas for a fansub a few years ago.
Sooooo cool and cute at the same time!

PetSugar said...

Sasa - Believe it or not Kayono is actually a really cute girl!!!

MARINE said...

i <3 shoujo!
for me the best is Nana (also has some dirty scenes XD)

Sasa said...

typed "his" instead of "her" XD my bad.
But I've never seen a picture of her actually... *opens google*

さらまり said...

I really love the artwork, it's just what I like in manga. However I feel too nervous to DL them with the sex scenes haha!

girllikesrainbows said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I love it! I know exactly how you feel about posting this sort of thing as I decided to have a kinky post every wednesday with selected images that have some sort of sexual content in the manga/lolita/illustration way & I do feel womewhat perverted for sharing - but at the same time I have to share it now that I've found it!

Check out my latest kinky wednesday post here:

fluffyghost said...

Love the comic strip, i want to see more !!!!!


Sasa said...

don't don't! Don't feel nervous and download them! You won't regret it!
Girls in Kayono's mangas can be a bit weeny or whatever, but but, 8D you'll enjoy them!

SaffronSugar said...

That is lovely! smut is the best, haha, but I mostly read BL stories. Even then, I'm super picky - if there isn't a good storyline, I get bored because I've read so much like it before! ♥ When it comes to het pairings, I always like strong and unique women to be the heroine!

Krystal said...

i love her stuff! it's so sexy but not tacky and still has the shoujo feeling :3

PetSugar said...

MARINE - oh as a reader you must already know i'm obsessed with Ai Yazawa lol. Love those love scene! ;)

Sara Mari - oh no! rofl! why?! you won't regret it hahahah.

girllikesrainbows - ha you inspired me to do some kinkier posts every now and again!

fluffyghost - i hope you love the downloads!!!

Sasa - rofl!!! oh my gosh can we ever deviate from the "weeny" shoujo heroines!

SaffronSugar - i know i know! the beauty of these is there truly are strong storylines that do the beautiful art justice. as for the strong female characters... ugh good luck finding them in this genre haha.

Krystal - wow you described it perfectly! yes! oh my gosh (so impressed at how you simplified it so easily!)

Andrea said...

Thank You!! ☺

[Myeon] said...

i know its late but can i still download now?
i clicked the link but it wants me to login...
and i dont have the account =(

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