Monday, October 18, 2010

Tsumori Chisato Makes Minutes Sparkle and Girls Purr

The high-end kawaii fashion designer Tsumori Chisato has managed to create the most glorious watches I've ever laid eyes on. I don't even have words... My mouth is gaping, drool slowly trickling forth.... Every watch is in a slew of colors from pink gold to crystal studded black. Click to begin the indulgence.


Sasa said...

Aww TC <3
It's a pitty I never wear watches!

christyne j said...

oh wow! i want them all!! i didn't think watches could be so freaking cute!!!

Friedia said...

I have a gold Cat one;) in love with the last pix u posted!
Maybe an early Xmas present to myself?!

shivani said...

i would definitely start wearing watches for these. i realllyy want that last one! i love the pink gold!!!!

Catherine said...

O_O; I so want the bow one...!!!

Dina Fragola said...

Simply WOW

PetSugar said...

Sasa - I'm the same exact way and I swear I'd start just for these.

christyne - aren't they incredible? i didn't know either!

Friedia - i have never adamantly supported something so strongly lol (your christmas gift idea).

shivani - we gotta get matching ones!

Catherine - hahah after so many months i still remember your bow love!

Dina Fragola - ugh i knowwwww.

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