Monday, November 1, 2010

Teacup Full of Puppies

I know I'm puppy crazy, but THESE DOGS STAY TEACUP SIZE. Yes. They are genetically engineered for cuteness. Why don't you see these in nature? Yeah, they are $4500 USD each... that's why (and they are imported from Korea). LuxPup can be blamed for this new pricey dream. *These are cute but nothing beats the cuteness of saving a dog in a shelter.*


megan said...

Oh my godddddd...That first one nearly killed me with it's cuteness! They're so adorable!

Porcelain said...

The dogs are so cute *_*
wish I could have just one of them ^.^

chiaracat said...


Srto. Brunooh said...

Is so Cute,
So beautiful.
I need one that for my life.

나니 said...

I grew up in a kennel.. I've seen puppies come and go, I've been part of their life, their growth, their illnesses and their fun times..

And I can honestly say that genetically modifying animals to make them stay 'cute' forever is NOT healthy for the animal. Also, may I add that the photos look so damn fake. lol. I sure hope that they're fake.

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I want one so bad now...As soon as you said the price though, my heart sank! -3-

PetSugar said...

megan - teehee don't die!

Porcelain - i just want to play with one for a day!

chiaracat - :)))

Srto. Brunoooh - i think i need the money they cost more than the actual dog lol

나니 - ugh i wish i had known that before i made the post! i guess i couldn't conceive of the issues with it before you left the comment. now i'm thinking "duh." my issue was always get your dog from a shelter so i kind of was reluctant to make the post but still i hoped they would be too expensive for anyone to actually buy and i could still display the cuteness lol.

Audrey - yes i think they weren't meant to grace any one of our normal lives lol

shivani said...

oh my fucking god!!!!!!!!!!!

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Yes, it is hard. I agree with Nani above that the breeds that have been extremely modified for a certain trait that humans want, such as the small size in this case usually leads to poor health for the pet, and as you did say in your post the kindest thing to do is to get one of the thousands of pets in humane societies etc. who already don't have a home. But on the other hand, these dogs are just so irresistibly damn cute!! Even though I know morally what I should do, if I had the money, I would probably succumb to the urge to have one of these cute teeny tiny dogs.

Em said...

They stay that size?!?!
They make my chihuahua seem like a mammoth!
They are beyond cute, I can't even describe them!
if only....!

Hawaii Kawaii said...

OMG ... CUTE!!!

kaizokumousy said...

omg super cute~~ i want to touch it~^^

christyne j said...

AW the first one looks like a lil bear!! I WANT IT!

Sethrielle (P. P.) said...

I wonder what do they do with such an amount of money.
It would be nice if at least they dedicated part of it to abandoned animals on shelters or to pro animal care companies.

The thing with these little cute animals is that until the race gets 'settled', they suffer from a lot of physical and health issues.
Imagine these poor little things trying to go upstairs and downstairs. There heart must suffer a lot for such an effort.

About me Aweedee said...

Omo soooo damn cute D': <3 I want a puppy too~

Cute bloggie btw~ Will be fun reading and followin' your bloggie~

Keep it up hun~ Huggles*

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