Monday, December 13, 2010

The Kotatsu Makes Girl Talk That Much Cozier

As the temperature drops I can't help but think of the most unfair Japanese invention of all time again... the kotatsu. A table with a heat source and table cloth that serves as a blanket. Are you getting a gorgeous mint-green with envy? Well it doesn't end there. As you can see from the images above, they come in shades of pink perfect for girl sleepovers. Click here to browse this sadly Japanese-only shopping site.


mr. pineapple man said...

OMG i always wanted one of these!!

Arika said...

The sheep one is super cute!

Principessa said...

ZOMFG! Those are so cute!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I actually really want one right now! ;~;

Kaisu said...

aaaa i've always wanted a kotatsu, I didin't think before that you could get kotatsus like pretty and cute!

Sasa said...

I've always wanted to live under a kotatsu in winter ;^;
They look so comfortable in mangas! haha
I want to throw a kotatsu party

Tizzalicious said...

What a brilliant idea! I love the cute sheep!

PeachPixie said...

I will own one some day even if I have to go to japan and bring it back with me!!!

мaямellatส said...

I want itttttt!

MARINE said...

best idea so far!
no more legs freezing ahahahahahaha

a-g-u said...

I always always wanted a kotatsu!!!
And even more now after these pictures!!

PetSugar said...

mr.pinneapleman - ahh me too!!

Arika - isn't it so sweet?

Principessa - ahh the cutest!

Audrey - haha yes of course I picked the coldest time to feature them ;)

Kaisu - isn't it wonderful? they customize everything in Japan!

Sasa - ugh I want one so bad too. please invite me to your partyyyy.

Tizzalicious - isn't it so clever and cute?

PeachPixie - ahah we are thinking alike, let me tell you.

мaямellatส - me too!

MARINE - isn't it cold feet the worst??! and can you imagine keeping them warm AND eating at the same time lol.

a-g-u - yesss these make kotatsus a million times more desirable!

purplefalls said...

i've always wondered how these work... like if you put your feet under the table wont it hit that heater thingie and burn your leg? >.<

♥ Princess ♥ said...

These kotatsu are so lovely and good for life in japan, here is so cold in house haha
i am going to buy one soon!

PetSugar said...

purplefalls - here is a great understanding of the kotatsu :)

Princess - awww lucky!

Pixie said...


Why don't we have any over here? ;~;

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