Thursday, January 27, 2011

Confetti Cake Made Impossibly Better with Choco Filling and Pink Frosting

Bakingdom's 1st Blogiversary cake has my heart racing, because I am basically in Confetti Cakes Anonymous. You whip up one of these and I can't help but feature you... oh no and then you wrap it in your favorite pink vanilla buttercream and add chocolate filling... and...and...and... it hurts so good. Click for recipe.


나니 said...


мaямellatส said...

I want it for my birthday, my wedding.. for every single occasion! it's so pretty~~~

PetSugar said...

나니 - yay Nomnom is the greatest acknowledgment lol

мaямellatส - i feel the same way!!!

Kamie Chang Kahlo said...

I need to have this my Pet! I am so starving for pink right now, I can't tell you!!

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