Sunday, January 2, 2011

Japanese Food Made So Easy with Doggy Assistance!

Cooking with Dog (it's not what you think!) is the AMAZING youtube channel that makes Japanese cooking easier than ever before. Things are broken down so well that frankly it can help those who have NEVER cooked ANYTHING before! From bento boxes to omurice, I'm so excited to start.

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Sasa said...

It's thanks to her I learned how to make omurice last year! <3

Arika said...

I love how the dog just sits there. Show should be called "Cooking Along Side Dog"

Sally said...

i love this channel!!
this is what got me inspired in Japanese cooking and bento boxes! xx

Ladybastard said...

hey sweetie i totally love your blog! <3

PetSugar said...

Sasa - whoa! how was it? that's what i want to try first!

Arika - loll i think the cooking with dog title is what gets people interested

Sally - have you tried any of the recipes?! i'm dying to know which i should try.

Ladybastard - aww thank you! i love your blog too!! :))))

sugar sugar said...

i watch their show and i think its really cute hahaha! :3

PeachPixie said...

I have cooked SO MANY times with these videos!!! Pretty much everything comes out great!!

Sasa said...

Super yummy!
You definetely have to try making it, it's the most delicious yummy agagagh thing on earth (right next to okonomiyaki).
Be sure to get some okonomiyaki sauce btw, it makes a difference.

PetSugar said...

sugar sugar - it really is pretty cute isnt it!?

PeachPixie - wow all these comments are getting me excited to try!

Fay Irvanto said...

Couldn't agree more with you.
I downloaded these videos and learned easy-to-follow recipes from them. I even left comments on the videos on Youtube.

Thanks for bringing it up!

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