Monday, January 31, 2011

Sparkling Deco Manicures Perfect for Valentines Day!

Cynful Nails is the latest and greatest in nail paradise. This salon in Singapore, Yishun has some very unique takes on your girly design favorites.

Strapya World for Kawaii Cell Phone Charms & Deco Dreams


Chris CatKiki said...

Luv it Luv them!!!!

Check my blog when you can, it's in Portuguese but still you can see some cool stuff:


Beauty meets Kawaii said...

The top set with the cute floral design is definitely my favourite one! ^_^

Kisses, Melanie

Spooky Von Sweets said...

OMG!!!!! Wish I lived in Singapore right now!!!! Those designs are too cute!!!!

Mitsuki Himawari said...

beautiful!!!! Good! your blog design is kawaiii

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I really want to do my nails like that, but I would ruin them so quickly! D:

Light said...

Kawaii!!!! I love the first!

Oami said...

I'm a such fan of nails like this ones, but in my country it's not known so nobody could make me it :<<

I love the 1st and 4th ones!!!

MARINE said...


PetSugar said...

Chris CatKiki - adorable blog!!! i'll be sure to check back often!

Beauty meets Kawaii - ahh i love floral print nails!!! its my obsession lately!

spooky von sweets - oh no we will find you a place closer to home!

Mitsuki Himawari - awww! thank you so much. sweet comments really do make my day.

Audrey - yeah... for some reason my nails don't hold onto nailpolish.

Light - isn't that one amazing?

Oami - oh no! but there are a lot of great tutorials you can find on youtube to do it yourself. :)

MARINE - oh my gosh i adore that one. pink and black looks amazing.

150cm girl said...

its sooo cute!!
pet sugar : so happy u r featuring on singapore cute nails !

do check out this too :

Red Herring said...

Love the hearts and lace one...but not in pink. I'm a burlesque dancer, so having EVERYTHING glitter is amazing.

PetSugar said...

150 cm girl - wow thank you! that site is fabulous!

Red Herring - Haha wow sounds like I know what I'm cut out to be ;)

150cm girl said...

petsugar : u can post it in your blog if you see sth cutesy u like in secret chamber nails =)

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