Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spur Magazine - The Pink Edition Scans Scans Scans!

Spur Magazine is one I'd never seen before and a pink edition of ANYTHING is a worth a shot! I didn't like the magazines fashions but some of the spreads were amazing! I love the puckered lip girl trying on all the latest makeup collections. Click here to download!


EЯI ♡ said...

This magazine looks really sweet.

I love the craft page~

Arika said...

The turtle biscuit is super cute!

Nicky said...

Ooh thanks for the preview, always want to download the mags with cute covers, but never know ifs its any interesting inside. Too bad I cant buy everything I want inside these Japanese magazines.


PetSugar said...

EЯI - omg i know! if you download the issue you can get a better understanding of the steps (because image will be larger) :)

Arika - strange how food and animals work so well together lol.

Nicky - aww i know. its so frustrating!!!

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