Friday, January 14, 2011

Waiter, There is Chocolate in my Ramen

Evidently, Lotte chocolate maker is doing restaurant collaborations that include... chocolate in dinner foods. Yes, from hamburgers to carbonara sauce to ramen. Whats wrong? You like choco-covered pretzels right? I'm ready to taste. Click here to learn more!

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Princess♥ said...

I eat pretzels with chocolate cream everyday, that's nothing new!

Arika said...

Not as gross sounding as the ice cream in Ramen post.

PeachPixie said...

Gotta admit I'd totally be up for trying whats on the menu....with food you should be fearless. You never know what you could miss out on if you don't just TASTE.

<3 Awesome Post As Always <3

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

The hamburger looks ok, but the ramen does not appeal to me. ;~; I'll try it, as long as someone tries it with me...

PetSugar said...

Princess - you know what the next step is? choco covered potato chips!

Arika - yeah agreed. chocolate portions are nothing compared to the hold damn ice cream cone! ew.

PeachPixie - wow i couldn't have said it better! i feel the same way! you have one life to live, how can you not try everything? it drives me crazy when people don't try stuff.

Audrey - well you know i'm up for it :)

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