Saturday, February 5, 2011

Deco Deco Magazine Finds Deco Materials in Your Closet!

Deco & Deco Volume 8 has the brilliant idea of taking apart hair accessories and jewelry to use as deco material. You can download the issue here but the inspiration to look in unusual places is now all yours!

Strapya World for Kawaii Cell Phone Charms & Deco Dreams


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I was at a shop that sold all these cute hairclips and I was so close to buying them for the decorations on them. I wanted to break off the candy pieces and use them for deco purporses! XD

Ri said...

Oooh, awesome! I've already been doing stuff a little bit like this - more like 'recycling' accessory bits/buttons etc for other items of clothing, but I would never have thought as far as deco mirrors etc. Will have to check that magazine out. Thanks for the tip! ^^

PetSugar said...

Audrey - ha! you had the idea before it was mainstream ;)

Ri - its a pretty fabulous magazine. i don't know how they manage to keep putting out new ones though... i mean how much can a person deco.

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