Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mickey Gets His Ears On Your Fave Shoes

Known only to me as Disney X Flag shoes as seen during a Rinkya browse, these shoes are just bonkers with their mickey detailing. Ugh. Click here to shop!


The Cookie Button said...

Oh my gosh, can I have all these please? They are too adorable ^_^

Keely Valentine said...

have you ever ordered off this site? it looks so sketchy aha
i need them to live..

mirry said...

oh my god some of those shoes are amazing! *__* if I had the money right now I'd totally be buying those grey ones haha.

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

The first and third pair are so cute! I love them! ^^

Ritzee Rebel said...

I love the first pair, if they were wedges or had shorter heels so they didn't look so crazy for daily wear, I would totally get them!

Quay Po Cooks said...

I wish I have daughter, I will buy all those items for her:D

i_wander said...

AM I in heaven? These are really beautiful! :)) ♥

Melody said...

Wow, that's crazy-go-nuts

turtle said...

I LOVE the second pair down. Adorable!!!

Keely Valentine said...

LOVE I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! Do stop by on my page more often! Nice putting not one but TWO comments with your real name XD ahah
Your blog has been looking great lately! I honestly have no clue how you keep up with it!

NanaChan said...

They are so cute! I love your blog! I saw it today!

PetSugar said...

The Cookie Button - aw i'd love to give you them!

Keely Valentine - I haven't... but I'm pretty sure its very ebay-ish in its policies and protection

mirry - ugh isn't the idea of mickey perforation so amazing!

Audrey - ooo you like the super girly kind!

Ritzee Rebel - if only we could DIY shoes just like everything else :(

Quay Po Cooks - i think about that too... how fun it would be to dress up a daughter of mine :)

i_wander - haha yes this IS in fact heaven

Melody - crazy go-nuts! lol

turtle - ahh aren't those brilliant??

Keely - omg i promise i promise and thank you so so so much for deleting those stupid comments lol

NanaChan - aww i love new readers!!!!!!

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