Friday, April 22, 2011

The Premiere Super-Powered HANA Hair Dryer: *Sponsored Review*

Think this has nothing to do with you? THINK AGAIN.

The Super-Powered HANAair Professional Hair Dryer has literally blown me away. I bloody blowdry my hair every damn day and I can't believe I didn't think to find a way to speed things up tremendously! Maybe I didn't know such a thing truly existed.

Not only does it exist but suddenly my hair is SO SHINY because this dryer does not fry your hair. It maximizes that beautiful ionic technology to spare your hair.

As you read this remember I was told to be honest in my review. If you think I'm even remotely exaggerating just read the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer's reviews. ALL 5 STARS. Not a 4 star review in sight!!!

Now here are the ins and outs of my personal experience with the hairy dryer and company Misikko.


1. Shortened my hair drying time to 7 minutes! (I have very thick black long hair)

2. No flyaways, static, or frizz! PLUS SUPER SHINY!

3. On sale from $300 to 194.99 USD. I realized this is one of those splurges a girl has to make. Your hair is EVERY DAY. I blow dry EVERY DAY!

4. Awesome cold shot button that you don't have to hold down.

5. The air is not too hot. Its only hot closest to the nozzle and then it actually feels kind of cool once it hits your hair.

6. It feels really light and compact in my hand.

7. Very sleek and I've already seen its scratch resistance in action lol.

8. It never just stops out of nowhere like other dryers I've used.

9. Lots and lots of settings.

10. Misikko shipped it so incredibly fast and included so many goodies! It was a great experience.


1. I use this on the highest setting and its not quiet at all.

2. The buttons are easy to use but its kind of strange that the colder setting switch must always be on for the hot air switch to work.

3. If you forget to release the cold shot button, you'll be confused the next time you use it and wonder why no hot air is coming out.

4. This thing is so powerful on the highest setting that there is almost no time for styling! I shouldn't complain because you can use a lower setting for styling.

Yes, below is the hair dryer on my dresser. It is nice and compact and allows me to further my clutter.

Click here to read the dryer's reviews and purchase for yourself! Don't forget Misikko is an incredible source for hair dryers and flat irons of the highest quality.


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