Friday, April 1, 2011

This Way to Moomin Cafe

Now I'm sure you've all gotten an eyeful of the Moomins at some point in your life, even if you weren't quite sure what you were looking at. The Moomins is a wonderful family of hippopotamus-ish characters that recently became a much loved anime in Japan. This cafe tribute, complete with Moomin food and drinks, is one more reason we can't get enough of that freaking amazing country. Click here to read more from My Life as a Magazine's post.

Moomin Bakery & cafe
Tokyo Dome City LaQua,
1-1-1 Kasuga
Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo


shiny said...

Oh, Ive been there! It was very suprising to find Finnish caracters from cafe in Tokyo!:) Took lots of pictures:P

emma said...

The Moomins are actually Finnish in origin, and the animation was a Dutch-Japanese collaboration!

I remember reading the stories when I was in the 4th grade :)

Ri said...

It's almost like you knew I was there just 3 days ago!! ;P

PetSugar said...

shiny, Fi - ah! you guys should send me pictures!

emma - wow it will be great then when you go to the cafe :)

みか☆ちゃん said...

Aw, I wanna go! It looks so cute! I remember using a hiragana/katakana learning book with the Moomin characters! This is just too cute ^3^

Chiara said...

I passed by that cafe' once, and almost jumped out of my skin... I must be the only person who finds Moomin really, really creepy!

PetSugar said...

Chiara - there has got to be more like you lol. somewhere.

snowskinmooncakes said...

I've been there! I posted pics on my flickr in my japan trip folder, it was soooooooo cute and especially cosy looking at night :)

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