Thursday, May 26, 2011

Japanese Girly Cameras Steal the Spotlight

When will the rest of the world realize us girls want everything customized too!!! Yeah and sometimes its irrational how that takes priority over the functionality and quality of an item... I'll give you that. Yeah and sometimes I won't even need the damn thing, BUT shouldn't all you care about be getting my money???! Click here for the Japanese-only Selpoi site for more cameras.


MI said...

Do know where I ( in Germany) can buy one of the camaras? They are all so kawaii^^ (Sorry my English is bad^^)

Mademoiselle Creamy said...

Hi there!

I'm sorry to contact you through the comment box but i can't access your E-mail in your profile! I don't know if you remember me, my name is Deiney and i'm a cute jewelry & accessories designer, we met last year: at the time i owned a blogspot blog but then closed it and since, i've been coming regularly to your blog and never forgot you! ^^
I opened my official online shop a month ago, please check it out!

I would be thrilled if you'd accept to feature me on your blog, and i would also be interested in advertising? Could you tell me about it? ^^

Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to hear from you!

Cheers ❤


oops my email is:

Japan Australia said...

Some cute customised cameras there. Interesting to note that they are made by Casio which uses Ebi-chan to advertise their products. Must be trying to get the gyaru vote but a good idea to suit the market and I am sure many people would love to purchase one as a fashion item.

Japan Australia

Lexi said...

It irritates me to know end that we don't have cute stuff like that in America. We have stupid stuff like looney tunes and peanuts and NONE OF IT IS CUTE!!! I want pink, candy, cupcakes, hello kitty, and frilly things!

PetSugar said...

MI - my only recommendation is to find a japanese shopping service or use rinkya.. the japanese auction site. you can request stuff on there :)

Deiney - i'll email you this weekend :)

Japan Australia - isn't it amazing how things can be traced back to something boring every time lol.

Lexi - damn it i know!!!!! to hell with looney tunes!!! all our "cute" stuff is kind of ugly when you think about it.. spongebob, looney tunes. when will people catch on!

Lexi said...

Srsly, the next time I see somebody with a Tweety Bird shirt on I'm going to throw a bucket of pink paint on them!

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