Saturday, May 7, 2011

Love at First Pink

Faafbe is a wildly pink tumblr without all the innocence you usually see surrounding the color. Click here to get your fix.

**I'd love to credit these images if anyone knows the sources**


Jean said...

Oh awesome! i LOVE anything pink <3

Claire said...

Great finds!
That tattoo in the 1st photo is so beautiful

PetSugar said...

Claire - isn't fantastic!? i wonder if its real!

Anonymous said...

The first picture features Vivienne Westwood's "Lady Dragon" shoes

Yo said...

Wow! I love pink! Cute images :)

teddy bear princess said...

ha! the cat is so cute haha :p
remind me of a evil auntie in a film

Please visit my blog, I love kawaii things and in my craft blog I post my cute creation :D
teddy bear princess
I'd really appreciate it ;)
I love your blog too :D


MARINE GIL said...

good for persons like me which are in a pink mood :~~

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