Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unbutton that Blouse and Show Your Plushies

Kera Magazine's May issue has this mini spread that I'm dangerously in love with. This chick and her hot wigs and hot man and cuddly animals spilling forth from between her shirt is fabulous. Its kawaii punk rock... or maybe something better than the two!


dish said...

This is so bizarre emo-esque Sid and Nancy and I'm in love with it. D:

Those pants in picture two blow my mind.

Oh and hi. I'm new to your blog. <3

OtherMix said...

I think they have just great themed photoshoots in general!

the little bukowski said...

i want those pin-striped pants. now. and all those wigs.

Rachel aka Tokyochel said...

Rocker chic! I love it.

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