Sunday, May 15, 2011

Making Angelic Pretty Hoodies One Pink Embellishment at a Time

Who doesn't covet Angelic Pretty fashions, Sweet Lolita or not? All those pom poms and bows are enough to make you want to shed any pretenses of adulthood and start coloring on your walls. So whats a woman-child to do? Grab that boring hoodie and add some angelic spice to your life via this amazing tutorial. Click images for their original sizes. Thanks to Miseducated for taking the pains of scanning the thing from Kera magazine!


Rachel, aka Tokyochel said...

What a cute idea! Remaking something boring into something kawaii :)Thanks for sharing!

PeachPixie said...

Hmmmm I will have to try this out!! Nice alternative for those who can't afford the store made ones or those like me who don't fit in them!!!

PetSugar said...

PeachPixie - omg!!! i don't even attempt to buy asian brand clothing so yes!!! its a perfect option!

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