Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vocaloid's Luka in Octopus Plush Form?

Vocaloid Luka Octopus or Takoluka is exactly as I've described it! A wacky plushy of Luka in octopus form! OR should I say PLUSHIES. Yes one plush for the emoticon range of emotions. These munchkins even have magnets in them to let them protect any metal surface or protect each other! Click here to shop the range.


Broken Angel said...

Oh my god. That's just too cute~

An Tran said...

hi =I i've commented you before, I wasn't sure if you received it or not. It's about sponsorship/partnering. Please email me at so we can further discuss. Thanks for your time!^^

- Meilove

Japan Australia said...

A very cute octopus. I like how you have stacked them up.

Japan Australia

Claire M. said...

Cute! I love it ;)

Katrina said...

That is sooo cute. I'm so amazed on how you find these things. Haha. :3

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