Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Cutest Anime Character Materializes in Your Living Room

Mayoi Hahikuji from Bakemonogatari has been incarnated into one of the most detailed candy-cute figures imaginable. Frankly I know nothing of Bakemonogatari and I want it! Yes kill me crazed fans. Kill me for wanting a piece of all that is giant animal backpack. Click here to preorder!


Panic said...

So realistic!! I like it!!

CANDY said...

quanta coisa linda nesse blog !!! tudo kawai me atrai muito , me arrisco em algumas coisinhas do tipo , dá uma olhadinha lá no meu blog
já sigo e com prazer !!!

Ken said...

they made a petit nendoroid of her a while back with the giant backpack!

Japan Australia said...

Yes, very realistic and life like. Cool!!

Japan Australia

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