Friday, August 19, 2011

Princess Jellyfish - The Ultimate Otaku Girl Anime

Jellyfish Princess (entire series free on Hulu!) is an anime I just must spotlight. I worry where the story will end up but the journey there is one complete with an entirely different spin on your shoujo heroines. Here we have the quirkiest otaku girl brigade you could ever hope to find. These ladies consider themselves to be "freaks" and are too terrified of attractive people to pursue life ventures outside the house. That all changes when a gorgeous cross-dresser teaches them a thing or two.

I'm on the third episode of 11 total and can only say I love what I've seen. Great humor, super kawaii jellyfish and that's all a girl needs.


Florencia said...

check out the manga! it's equally as cute... (*^^*)

iZaynab said...

* O * Love, love , love Kuragehime ~ ! !

Japan Australia said...

Looks very interesting. Let us know what you think when you reach the end :)

Japan Australia

aMz88 said...

Kurage Hime >(^____^)<
kurara aka clara kawaii kurage..bishonen + geek gal woosh!
my superrr fave anime! im sooo waiting for a 2nd season and ive been waiting like forever! ever since the ep1 was out ive watched it.
can anyone give me a link to th manga plss? i cant find any updates ones :(

i have a kurara accessory made and gifted by a friend :D

aMz88 said...

@japan australia its still on going, no ending yet :D but the ending of the anime season is just fine :D

Clarisse said...

after reading this post, i marathoned the anime! super cute and awesome :3 i love it esp since i have a jellyfish tattoo

Anonymous said...

So is there continuation (with subtitles)?

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