Monday, August 8, 2011

ShibuyaCam is Favorite Purikura iPhone App

I had to tell you about my favorite Purikura app for the iPhone. EASE OF USE. Yes that's enough to sell me and adorable icon options. Sparkles. Desserts. Fantastic. Above are images from Adeyaka's review because she did a good job breaking it down! Here is the official iTunes page.


Japan Australia said...

Cool! Looks just like a purikura :)

Japan Australia

◕‿◕✿ said...

Hello:) When I go into your blog, trojans attack me ... happened to me three times ... only happens to me?

Rachel said...

I have a bunch of purikura apps on my iPod, but I agree this one is def one of the best! It's so fun to deco pics with these apps since real puri booths are rare in the U.S. :(

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