Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Liz Lisa Take it to the Boudoir

Liz Lisa's Chambre a Coucher gives us one more painfully covetable Liz Lisa line. This time they move to the bedroom and have you confused as to how they haven't been doing this all along. Click here for the official Chambre a Coucher site.


shiny said...

So girly and pretty<3 I browsed the whole catalog and I'm so amazed from the details and over the top cutenes of these!! <3 I went to the Liz Lisas store in Shibya 109 last year and now I want back there so bad...:)

nicole said...

I'm in love with those florals! I bet a sweet or even sweetly classic lolita would have a field day with this!

Japan Australia said...

Liz Lisa has such cute stuff that is so cute and girly :)

Japan Australia

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