Sunday, September 4, 2011

MILK BRAND Makes Magic with Autumn Coordinates

Sweetest ever MILK BRAND takes each sweet-tasting coordinate and makes wardrobe magic. Yeah I didn't know what to do with their pieces before this either. Click here for the Autumn collection coordinates and links to shop!


TokyoChel said...

That blue/purple and black dress at the bottom is gorgeous! Didn't see it at the link tho :(
Thanks for sharing the pretty pics tho!

Japan Australia said...

Very nice and love the light fall colours :)

Japan Australia

PetSugar said...

TokyoChel - you need to scroll down. its kind of a weird screen that makes you think there is nothing to see downward.

Elli said...

Ooh, i love the first and second outfit, soo cute :D

Sarra ^_^ said...

I love the purple and black dress at the bottom, but its 29,190円 (yen) which means it's $381.29! o.o;; It's so pretty tho! ^_^

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