Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Sweet Girliness of Breast Cancer Awareness

Bakingdom's pink tribute to breast cancer awareness month is STUNNING. The original proponents (aren't we ALL now?) for breast cancer awareness wanted the color pink to be synonymous with the cause. They wanted females to see the girliest of colors and immediately remember all that is girlhood is at risk. There is no being a woman (or HUMAN) and not being forever merged with the cause. Positive note? Click for the cake's tutorial.

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pbrigitte said...

"They wanted females to see the girliest of colors and immediately remember all that is girlhood is at risk." This kind of freaks me out, I'm not sure what you mean by "girlhood" being at risk, but what's at risk in breast cancer is primarily adults and primarily women either dying or losing their natural breasts. Not girls, women, girls don't have breasts to "worry" about losing, nor are they a high risk group. I found the blurb to be a little infantalizing and it bothered me :( No disrespect, just my opinion.

PetSugar said...

pbrigitte - i appreciate your honesty. i don't think i'm infantilizing. i think there is this movement to not seperate womanhood and girlhood. who the hell wants to grow up!? i know i'm just a big kid!

i tend to refer to females as girls on this site. just part of a particular message. there is no shame in cherishing that part of yourself. that's all :)

Macy said...

One of real close friends died of breast cancer at the age of 23.. Any gesture to spread awareness for this disease needs to be appreciated. Thank you for spreading the message in such a sweet and creative way.. <3

PetSugar said...

Macy - thank you. i was a little discouraged when my only comment was a negative one to a message such as this! thank you for reminding me why i put myself out there. i'm sorry you lost your friend and i'm sorry she was so young :'(

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