Friday, February 3, 2012

Life Gives You Lemon Cookies, No Need for Lemonade

cakeb0t's Super Cute Lemon Cookies are an exercise in kawaii face painting and lemony goodness. Click here for how-to's.


Marine Gil said...

this post make my smile today. oh its so cute !!!

sassyNpunk said...

very nice!
My only concern would be how to keep them from getting stale. These need lots of time to dry. About two whole nights for the lemon base and then another night for the face. But anyway, these are so cute for a party or something!

Princess Pinkie said...

These look yummy! So fun and sunny!!!

CrystalCorrin said...

omg love these!!! I made lemon drop cookies from scratch for christmas, and I wish I would have made them look as adorable as these!!

I'll be making these cuties soon ;D thanks for the idea!

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