Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kawaii Strawberry Dress Giveaway in Your Size! OPEN WORLDWIDE! Ends 9/10/12

You lucky girl. You have the chance to win your very own 1950's inspired Kawaii Strawberry dress from independent label PIOO PIOO. Yes and it will be in your size! How could we run things any other way?
PIOO PIOO KAWAII STRAWBERRY DRESS GIVEAWAY ($118 USD VALUE)! OPEN WORLDWIDE! *Rules have been simplified. All entries adhering to old rules will be honored." 1) Share this link on PIOO PIOO'S twitter and/or facebook along with why you want this dress and the hashtag #dropdeadkawaii. For example: "I would love to be tea partying in this dress. #dropdeadkawaii" 2) We will announce the winner on this blog on 9/11/12. The winner has three days to leave a comment with her email address where she will be contacted for sizing and shipping information. *******************Giveaway ends 9/10/2012 at 6pm Eastern Time******************* GOOD LUCK CUTIES! 
Congratulations Florencia!! We are in the process of contacting you :)


Darling Stewie said...

I would love to win this dress because it's super adorable, and the strawberry is so fresh and cute! xo - me@DarlingStewie.com

Forte Accessoriez said...

I tweet at Drop Dead Kawaii!! Pick me!! I loved your Kawaii Strawberry dress because its super cute & lovely pink!! Thanks for having giveaway!!
email : forteaccessoriez@gmail .com

Lulu said...

I tweeted how much I want this cute dress: https://twitter.com/LuluFleg/status/240805378038837249

Lulu said...

I like Drop Dead Kawaii's Facebook: Olesia Flegka

Cara H said...

I tweeted why I want the dress! YAY! https://twitter.com/marvelousCara/status/240855067610189824


Cara H said...

I Like Pioo Pioo on Facebook!


Cara H said...

I follow Pioo Pioo fashion on Twitter! @marvelouscara


Cara H said...

I Like Drop Dead Kawaii on Facebook!


Cara H said...

I follow you, PetSugar, on Twitter! @marvelouscara


nanita said...

I would love to win this dress ^w^
email: naomiathina@hotmail.com

kiss yogur <3

Mandy said...

I follow drop dead kawaii on twitter.


Mandy said...

I follow Pioo Pioo on twitter


Tiamat said...

I linked on facebook and twitter! good luck to all! :)

Anonymous said...

I tweeted! This dress is so amazingly adorable! @CrazyPartridge

ne-knopka said...

I would love to win this dress because it's cute




noga halfon said...

i publishd on my facebook https://www.facebook.com/noga.halfon
I want this dress so much! Strawberry is just like me- a lil’ thorny on the outside (because it is a member of the rose family) and can be sweet on the inside…beside that I wish pio pio dress for a long time! Thnx, nogh halfon. #dropdeadkawaii

chestnutmocha said...

i tweeted! @chestnutmocha :-) Love this dress! and the other things at their store.


Rena said...

Quite exciting to find a new fashion designer with such cute designs! I hope I win so I can flaunt this dress!

<33 Rena

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