Sunday, February 3, 2013

Subversive Kawaii

Subversive Kawaii's tumblr and Parfait Doll have begun a much needed dialogue on strength in this flourishing pastel culture we've created for ourselves. YOU readers are making a wonderful statement every time you choose to indulge in blogs that celebrate femininity at its rawest form. Guess what? Most reading this were culturally influenced and we now cherish the pink, the glitter, the cute. Guess what? These things should not be considered oppressive because they are synonymous with femininity. These things were the best part of being a girl for many of us. This is not about infantilization but complete redefinition. Let us reclaim femininity to meet OUR needs, NOT to be conventionally attractive. Empowering ourselves by stripping away these elements we adore is entirely unfair. Being masculine must no longer be synonymous with empowerment. Classic gender conventions are working for NO ONE.

Being unapologetic about what brings you happiness... that is the sexy lady I speak of.

Below is the unbelievably powerful TED Talk on the sexual objectification of women that Parfait Doll referenced. WATCH IT. I got goosebumps.


YokaiAkito said...

Amazing post~! I LOVE Subversive Kawaii, and I'm so glad you're helping to promote it, and its message, on here! <3

PetSugar said...

Yokai Akito - Thank you! I'm really proud to be a part of it in some small way. :)

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