Monday, November 25, 2013

JILL STUART My Dear Strawberry Collection

Jill Stuart's My Dear Strawberry Collection is so painfully precious. The lip gloss is called strawberry syrup and described as looking like strawberry syrup has been put directly on your lips. The mascara is strawberry chocolate and is described as a sweet brown, like strawberry dipped in chocolate. Each nail polish is a different layer of a strawberry cake. The covers of the powders and shadows are gorgeously frosted and strawberried. The only place I can find this collection with worldwide shipping, is right here.

To learn more about the collection, click here for Jill Stuart's official site.


Yaya said...

Oh gosh, how awesome *0*

Paramorebunny said...

I want ;_;
so precious!


personalizowane kartki said...

wow!! I want it so much!!

Gulli Chan said...

Oh my god, I got this for my best friends birthday and it was awesome! Everything smells like strawberry, even the mascara. ^.^

Just discovered your blog, and it's really cute~

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