Monday, March 17, 2014

SPANK!'s Tavuchi Does Rare English Interview!

The brilliant young lady, Sayuri Tavuchi, is basically queen of this kawaii universe we call home.


Nayalan Moodley said...

Glasses without lenses. Yes. Because it's fashionable to pretend to be blind. She is a great example of Tokyo's disconnection with reality and what's happening in Japan.

When I was younger I would have been interested but I'm a Jaded old man who doesn't have any tolerance for bullshit anymore.

Anonymous said...

she seems like such a fun and nice person with so much creativity! I quite like fairy-kei style (SPANK style) so she is quite inspirational! I personally find it to be an expression of appreciation to the wonder and fun of youth. she has such cute accessories (I personally don't mind her fake glasses:nothing shameful in having less-than perfect eyesight, so her expression of style through these frames doesn't strike me as offensive, as someone who does need glasses myself :) a little whimsy can be good!

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