Monday, July 28, 2014

Sailor Moon Lemon & Strawberry Donuts!

These heart, moon and star adorned donuts are a tasty tribute to Sailor Moon. These donuts are more than just eye candy though, they are full of lemon and strawberry goodness. Click here for recipe from Fiction Food!


cookiescorpse said...

oh pls *___* it looks delicious! I love Sailor Moon, I need to try it!

Kelsea Echo said...

These are SO cute! I never saw Sailor Moon growing up, but I've been seeing Sailor Moon stuff everywhere lately! Maybe because of the Mooncrisis show? My fave artist, Miss Kika, recently did a few sailor moon pieces and they're so pretty!

Diana said...

Thanks for directing me here, Kelsea! And, PetSugar, thank you for sharing my doughnuts on your blog! These were a lot of fun to design and make. And so yummy, too!

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