Monday, August 18, 2014

Goodbye Sweet Summer

Dessert and the beach can be a surprisingly perfect combination. I say this as someone who took a huge box of cupcakes to the beach the other day. This Fantasy Island spread by Roy Macam understands sugary sands.


Kelsea Echo said...

Wow. Gorgeous photoshoot!

Kelsea Echo said...

P.S. On the subject of photoshoots, have you seen Grethe Rosseaux's Versailles photoshoot? It's not pastel, but it's bright and colorful (one model has blue hair) and full of cupcakes. You might like it! I linked it in a recent blog post, or you can find it on her blog (

Miss Venus Fury said...

What an awesome photo set! I would love to have those giant ice creams in my back garden ^_^ That would be pretty cool.

- Sarah

Gabrielle Crystal ℛoseℬonniee said...

Nice photos :)

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